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Registration open for IMCAT's Summer Institutes.

IMCAT is hosting eleven Summer Institute training sessions on different dates and at different sites. That lets you get your training close to home on a date that works into your summer schedule.



EMAT, the state's on-line ordering system for instructional materials, has opened for 2014 orders. In conversations with T.E.A., IMCAT Pres. Susan Lenox reported these common concerns from districts:

"I can’t see my information in EMAT!"

Districts need to send in their certification form before they can order in EMAT. Districts must verify address, users, and preferred delivery dates.

"I completed all my pre-req’s but I still can’t order my new adoption!"

Schools must place continuing adoption orders first before you can order new adopted materials.

Additional Information

• About 98% of the publishers have signed contracts for deferred payments. All of the big publishers have signed contracts. If you have a question on the small publishers, you can email to get an answer. The deferred-payment publishers are not listed in EMAT.

• Publishers of continuing adoptions do NOT have a deferred-payment contract with the state. If you have a need for continuing adoption materials you will purchase them with your carry-over money. Since there is not a contract with the state you cannot use deferred money for continuing adoptions.

• Districts should put disbursements in first so the carry-over money will be paid to the district in normal time. If a disbursement is placed for new adoption materials with deferred funds, districts will not get their money until October/November.

• State contracts say publishers will receive funds from the state on requisition orders after September 1. Publishers might expect payments for disbursements in September but a district will not have payment until October/November.

• Requisition orders will be paid for by the state. Should be seamless to a district unless you use more than 80% of your deferred money or you choose materials from a publisher that did not sign a contract with the state.

• EMAT will only let you use 80% of your 2014-2015 funds before Sept. 1.

T.E.A. launches instructional materials
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