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IMCAT Summer Institutes 2015 

Thursday, June 11, 2015 - Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Instructional Materials Coordinators' Association of Texas Annual Summer Institute -- Instructional Materials 101 -- features all the information you need to begin your school year.

Member (employee of Texas public school or open enrollment charter school):

Cost: $65.00 Includes morning refreshments, lunch and materials

Nonmember (employee of Texas public school or open enrollment charter school):
Cost: $95.00Includes morning refreshments, lunch, materials and 2015 IMCAT Membership

Representative of Commercial Enterprise
Cost: $225.00 Includes lunch and materials
Commercial entities may also contact IMCAT at 512-251-8101 for sponsorship options.

10 SITES AND DATES TO CHOOSE FROM! All classes are 8:30am-2pm. Here's the schedule for 2015 (Note: Registrants may attend one session at any site; Region listings are for suggestion only):


About the 2015 Instructional Materials Allotment

We won't know officially about the allotments until after the Legislature passes a budget. They're supposed to do it before they adjourn June 1, but it's happened before: the Legislature had to go into special sessions in the summer to pass a budget.

The really rough way for a school district to estimate its allotment for Sept. 1, 2015 is this: There are 5.1 million school children in Texas. Take your total enrollment and calculate what percentage that is of 5.1 million. (If you have 5,100 children in your district, that's 0.1 percent of the children in Texas schools.)

The State Board of Education has authorized a disbursement equal to about $1.05 billion from the Permanent School Fund to the (eventually) Instructional Materials Fund over the state's next two fiscal years. Both the first House and Senate drafts of the budget call for about $500 million for instructional materials each year of the biennium. (We'll come back to that.)

So you can take your district's percentage of the total state enrollment and multiply that by $500 million to see what you may expect in the fiscal year beginning Sept. 1. It could be lower, because T.E.A. will deduct some for shipping costs under the current scheme of things.

That, we hope, is worst case. IMCAT is trying to persuade the Legislature to put the entire $1.05 billion in the first year of the biennium, because Proclamation 2015 will be so large. We think we have a pretty good chance, but we won't know until the Governor signs the Appropriations Bill.