How to Use IMTA Funds for Registration Fees

Did you know that you can use your IMTA funds to cover your conference registration fees for IMCAT's annual conference I.M. Texas and IMCAT's virtual Summer Institute?

The registration fees are reimbursable through the EMAT system as "Professional Development." Note that travel expenses are not covered.

Follow these simple steps to use IMTA funds for conference registration fee:

  1. Log in to EMAT
  2. Click on Disbursement
  3. Disbursement Transaction: Technology Services
  4. Disbursement Category: Professional Development
  5. Vendor: IMCAT
  6. Service Description: Enter the specific conference and year you are attending (e.g., “IMCAT Summer Institute 2024” or “IMCAT Annual Conference 2024”)
  7. Service Audience: Administrator
  8. Enter Quantity and Unit Price
  9. TEA will approve, and you will use your 410 account to create a P.O.

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