Executive Board Nominations/Elections

In the past, the election of the IMCAT Executive Board of Officers has been held at the general meeting on the second day of the yearly conference. The Executive Board of Officers includes: President, President Elect, Treasurer and Secretary. 

In review of the organization's Bylaws it was discovered that the election of the Boards Executive Officers is a function of the Board of Directors and is not held to a general election. IMCAT Bylaws Section 5.04 states:

5.04 Election of Officers. The Board of Directors shall elect its officers at its first meeting following the annual membership meeting.

A further review of the Bylaws determined the qualifications for becoming an officer of the board. To be considered for an officer position, a board member must have served at least one year on the Board of Directors. IMCAT Bylaws Section 6.07 states:

6.07 Qualification. An officer must have completed one year as a director of the Association and be serving on the Board of Directors at the time of his or her election.

Starting the fiscal year 2021, the IMCAT Board of Directors will take nominations from the Board and then elect its officers at the designated time according to the stated Bylaws. Nominations will be taken at the November meeting and votes will be taken at a designated time to be determined by the Board. Executive Board members will not be voted on by Association members, as stated in the Associations Bylaws. 

An announcement will be made at the time that the results of the Board members occurs. Executive Board members will be in place at the conclusion of the yearly conference or at the first meeting after the yearly conference. 

Board of Directors Nominations/Elections

The Board of Directors nominations will be taken through the conference registration process. Applications will now be vetted by the Nominating Committee and highly qualified candidates will be placed on the ballot. 

All nominees will be asked to complete a questionnaire and be willing to be interviewed by the nomination committee if deemed necessary. Association membership will continue to vote on nominees at the annual membership meeting at the yearly conference. 


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